Sunday, 7 September 2014

Books Vs Films-Divergent

Book vs film is a common debate among fans. It is now my turn to add to this.

If you didn't know, Divergent is an action adventure film set in a world where people are divided into factions based on human virtues. The film explores Beatrice Prior , a girl who is different, a girl who is Divergent.

The film as a whole was amazing. I personally feel that Neil Burger (Director) did an amazing job at executing this best selling story. However,  there were a few difference from the book.

5 Differences:
  1. The first test scene was a lot shorter than in the book. The scene ended with the dog whereas in the book a few more challenges awaited Tris. This maybe due to timing or age rating, whatever the reason I do think this scene should have been extended.
  2. Three people don't make it into Dauntless which is not showcased in the film. This maybe due to the aim of connecting the audience to Tris to further engross them into the story.
  3. When Tris has her tattoo the message is not explained as to why. In actual fact each of the birds represent one family member.
  4. In Fours landscape it appears that Four is teaching Tris through his fears, where I would of liked to see a more vulnerable side to Four.
  5.  In the book Tris' mother dies making a distraction for Tris to escape however, in the film Tris' mother dies protecting Tris from a bullet.  From an entertainment perspective I can see why they changed it and why she died that way however I much prefer the distraction story line.

To conclude, I feel that both the book and film are amazing and I would recommend anyone to watch and read both of them. I really liked the story as a whole and I think the director did well to showcase the characters properly and to give the book the recognition it deserves.

You can buy the film by clicking here

You can buy the book by clicking here

In the comments below let me know which you think is the best book adaptation or the worst.



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