Saturday, 13 June 2015

Donating Blood | My Experience

Donating blood could seem a scary thought. Especially if you have a phobia of needles, trust me, they use a big one but don't be put off, some where, some day, someone will need your blood to save their life.

I donated blood for the first time so I was a little nervous. After filling out a health and lifestyle form to know you can donate you get taken into a private booth to have a small little talk to a health professional where they  test you iron levels (if you're anemic unfortunately you cannot donate). For me everything was fine.

After sitting in the next area waiting for a donation seat, I was called. As I am right handed the blood was taken from my left hand. The chair/beds are actually pretty cool they are just like a chair that can be lifted back in to a bed, that's definitely a bad description but I found a picture.

The needle was probably the most painful process for obvious reasons, It firstly was bigger than what I expected but once it was in I didn't feel anything else which I was pleased about. 

The process of actually giving blood was so quick, I was only in the chair for 7 minutes and 2 seconds. I literally only got through half of Casey Neistat most recent video before a nurse came over.  

I would absolutely recommend that you take something to put your mid of everything as it went so much faster whether that was a vlog, reading a book or simply listening to music.

A huge thankyou to the nurses that helped make my first experience a good one, I will definitely be donating again.

If you're thinking of giving blood and are eligible I would recommend it you're helping save a life and it's truly not as bad as I thought it would be. If you're in the UK, you can check here.

Thanks for reading and saving a life too,


*Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own*

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