Saturday, 4 April 2015

March Favorites

The month of March has seem some minor changes to my favourites with new products and essentials added to the list.

Blog of  the Month:

This is a new thing I'm going to start, where every month I will crown a blog that I have been loving that month as the blog of the month, so if you have a blog make sure to comment your blog link down in the comments and ill check it out. 

The March Blog of the Month goes to Buckets and Spades

This blog has everything you want from it, men's fashion, travel, food, photography. As you can see from the screenshot of the site above, Matthews blog is well designed, a lot better than mine haha. His posts always interest me and inspire me to make mine better.

Story Time:

The month of March saw me get dental braces. For those who have braces know that the first few weeks see discomfort and the dreaded ulcers appear. At first I thought of Bonjela, a brand in the UK most known for its aid in ulcers however, this wasn't doing to trick, I would keep putting a thin layer over the ulcer every 3 hours and it didn't seem to do anything. Enough was enough, I went to my local Pharmacy where they recommended I tried this:

Anbesol Liquid. This stuff has quite literally saved me from pain. I have been using this product for less than a week and still would recommend it. From the first couple of times I used it on my ulcers it helped. If you have a brace with ulcers or just have an ulcer in general, try Anbesol Liquid. Trust me! I know that it looks like a potion concoction from Harry Potter but it really does work.

App of the Month:

The app of the month goes to  Clash of Clans. This is not a new app by all means, I had this app before when I had my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but I have recently downloaded again on my Iphone and I'm not in a clan with a few of my college friends.

Download Links : IOS & Android

Fashion Piece of the Month: 

I have had these shoes for just over a month and have to say they are probably the best investment I have made into shoes. 

Dr Martens. I know I'm late to this party but they are honestly such a good shoe.  I did however, have some problems with them at the start with them rubbing my heal to the point where they actually bled. For some time I literally wore plasters for a good 2 weeks while wearing other shoes too. Now that they have calmed down trying to kill me they are actually pretty comfortable.
Especially if you live in the UK then you know that the weather is so unpredictable, these shoes are so practical, rain or sun they are still smiling.  Expect a sort of look book style post soon of a few outfits I wear these with and how diverse they are for the beautiful smart/casual look I love a lot.

Music/ Track of the Month:

This month a good friend of mine dropped me a link to Lawson- Roads. This song has got to be my obsession this month. I have listened to it so many times. The video itself is filmed and edited really well too. This has definitely made me a bigger fan of Lawson. 

Films/TV of the Month: 

The biggest film I watched this month was Insurgent which I did a review of here. I didn't really go to or want to go and see any other films in the cinema. None of them really go time hooked to go and watch. 

TV series I have liked this month is 12 Monkeys and The Walking Dead. Both are virus/disease series so if you watch one of them definitely check out the other one.  I am still not very far in with both of them. I am on the first season of both of them so you'll have to bare with me for reviews on both series.

This has been my March favourites. Let me know in the comments what has been your favourite part of March.



*DISCLAIMER these opinions are all my own*


  1. Thanks for including Buckets & Spades, that's super kind! The team will be very pleased to hear it.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. You're welcome, I am a huge fan of your blog!