Saturday, 9 May 2015

April Favourites!

This month I only have a few favourites but stills one that you should really try.

Blog of the Month: 

My blog of the month this month is Steve Booker

Granted he hasn't posted much this month but I still love his old posts. His blog as a whole is really well designed (kind of jealous). His posts are well thought of and executed so well. His photography is also amazing, check out his Instagram


The products I have been loving this month include:

Triton Kunai Stereo Headset. 

This headset has been well worth the money this month. I have worn these everyday of April. The sound quality is amazing both for listening to much and using them for gaming. I have no problems with these at all, The build quality could be a little better as they do have a plastic look but they are comfortable on the ears and the mic is of great quality.

One thing I was say though is if you are like me and wear glasses, the headset may become uncomfortable after a little bit as the headset is pushing your glasses into your head, but I am sure that happens with every headset.

Clean and Clear- Deep Cleansing Lotion;

I picked this up spontaneously after I needed a quick cleanser before thinking about purchasing another one but I have been so happy with this one that I haven't even thought about purchasing another one. 

If you're like me and like to be quick but thorough then this is the cleansing lotion for you. You simply place a bit on a cotton pad and rub it all over your face and neck. I have sensitive skin and this is great, I have had no sudden dry patches or break outs (touch wood). 

I have done some browsing online with this product and currently Superdrug have a deal where this product is only £1.99. I know super affordable, so if you're on a budget definitely look to pick this product up. 

Recently, I have been suffering with dry lips and I didn't know why. I used to use Vaseline all the time but it just never seemed to work. So I did some research into Vaseline and i found that  Vaseline creates a false sense or “feeling” of skin comfort and hydration while in fact it does nothing to nurture, heal or restore natural moisture to the skin. (

Now that I knew this I looked for alternative to Vaseline and found Nivea Lip Butter.

This lip butter tastes amazing and I really feel like it moisturizes my lips, best of both worlds right.  

This product is of a good creamy consistency which easy soaks into your lips which is great for me. 

I suffer from eczema so I am always on the lookout for new and developed treatments to help the condition. After watching an advert for Cetraben I went out and brought the 50 ml tube.

I am pleased to say that I am extremely happy with product and it generally helped my eczema.  If you suffer from eczema or other related skin conditions maybe try this product out. For £4 what excuse do you have. 

Apps of the Month: 

I have 2 apps this month that I have played none stop.

The first is Clash of Clans.

I think I mentioned the app in my last monthly favorites but I feel I am addicted to the game. I'm in a clan with a few college friends and you fight wars together, build your base to make it stronger and all that jazz.

 You guys mos likely know all this already but encase you don't check out the app. Its available I believe on both Android and IOS devices. 

The second app is called King of Thieves. 

(Excuse the finger prints... sorry!)

This game is all about collecting gems, ritually merging them together to create better gems. You fight other players to steal their gems

This game has got me tactically thinking how to dodge other players defenses and I think of doing well. To try it out yourself just search King of Thieves in your app store.

This has been my April favourites, sorry its a little late, I wanted my fashion post to go up last week which you can check out here. 

Let me know in the comments what your favourite part of April was.



*Disclaimer- This post is not sponsored meaning these views and opinions are all my own,*

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