Wednesday, 1 July 2015

5 Tips To Survive The Heat!

If you're from the UK then you know that we have been having some seriously good weather lately which, if you know anything about the UK you know doesn't really happen.

So today I thought I would share with you a couple of ways you can survive in this heatwave.

1. Stay out of the heat- Unless you are trying to catch a sun tan, stay out of direct sun, especially near mid day when it is the hottest.

2. Take Precautions- If you cannot stay in the shade all day which is unlikely, wear some sun blocker to help prevent your skin from burning. I use a spf 50 as I have sensitive skin especially on my face so this really helps to stop me from looking like a lobster for the next couple of months haha.

3. Stay Hydrated- This is probably a obvious one but stay hydrated. Your body has its own ways of cooling down so replacing the loss of liquids is important. Try avoiding caffeine and alcohol which can contribute to a loss of hydration in your body. I personally love, ice lollies like Tip Tops, or Ice Pops as some countries. They look like this:


4. Wear light clothes- No One wants to be wearing heavy thick clothes in the heat so look for more breathable fabrics and clothings. The obvious clothes are shorts, tank tops and light cotton t shirts.

5. Its inevitable you're going to sweat- We all sweat, its natural for us to cool down, but you can do things to help contain or mask the smell. No one likes body odour. Of Course in the heat you should be showering a little more often than normal to get all the sweat off you but in the morning I recommend you use an antiperspirant. I use Nivea Invisible Black and White which is a 48hr protection one as I know it is going to last.  Its actually on offer at the moment at Superdrug for £1.13. So there is no excuse haha, it is also great for not leaving no marks on your clothes like some others do, highly recommend.

So there are my 5 tips for keeping cool in the summer. If you have any others be sure to let us all know in the comments below.



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