Saturday, 15 August 2015

Top 5 YouTube Musicians That Deserve More Recognition!

We all know YouTube can be a great platform for people to showcase their talents. With more and more content being uploaded it's easy for some people to become buried within the masses of videos. So today I have complied a list of my top 5 YouTube musicians that I feel deserve more recognition 

1. Madilyn Bailey:

Madilyn has a little soft spot on me as I have been watching her content since late 2012, so for over 3 years. In that time I've seen Madilyn grow into this power house of talent. One video that I still listen to, is a cover of Carry On by Fun  her and a few other artists did back in 2013. From that video I found other talented artists like Peter Hollens. 

2. Peter Hollens:


With Peter I feel more invested in his life which may sound a little weird but, he has published a lot of his life online from being with his wife to even their journey to parenthood. 


Just look at the picture above, so cute! He is genuinely a nice guy and Evelyn (his wife) look so happy together.

3. Sam Tsui

Sam has collaborated with many artists and created some amazing original music and covers. My personal favourite is his collaboration mash up with Casey Breves of Thinking Out Loud/I'm Not The Only One. So much talent make sure you check him out.

4.Casey Breves:

I found Casey after watching his and Sams cover of Thinking Out Loud/I'm Not The Only One. Once I clicked on his channel, I instantly hit subscribe. I have 2 songs of his I am addicted to. One of them is a tribute song to Whitney Houston which is phenomenal.The other song is an original called I Touched The Fire. Take a listen, I think you'll agree it is catchy and addictive.  

5. Hobbie Stuart:

Hobbie is a lovable cheeky chappy that has a great voice. I've watched Hobbie for a while now, and he still produced quality material. I also give him credit for making Gabby more confident to do a cover together of Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do. I am looking forward to them singing more covers together, or maybe even original material. 

There are my top 5 musicians. It was really hard to only pick 5 as there are many artists that deserve recognition. Let me know who your favourite YouTube musician is in the comments below.



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