Saturday, 28 March 2015

5 Things To Do When You're Bored!

If you are from the UK like me then you're most likely going to be on your Easter holidays soon. For those who are not from the UK the Easter holidays is a break from school, college and university. The break is for two weeks and although we like to think that we won't get bored, the reality is we will. So today I have my top 5 things I like to do when I'm bored.

1. Binge Watch Netflix

This is self explanatory but if you're like me then Netflix series are just a must. If you're unsure of what series to watch, you could look at:
  • Arrow- Based around the super hero known as Green Arrow. 
  • 12 Monkeys- I've only recently started watching this and I'm hooked. It's a time travel masterpiece. 
  • Flash- Again based on a superhero, known as The Flash
  • Vampire Diaries- You should all of heard of this but encase you haven't, The Vampire Diaries is based on a group of vampires which you follow around and watch grow as characters, feed and pretty much everything in between, 
  • The Originals- A spin off show of The Vampire Diaries where we follow the original (hence the name) vampire family. 
  • How To Get Away With Murder- Go and Watch this right now. It is an amazing an gripping show that everyone should definitely see. It's about a law firm/law teacher that recruits her top students but they all get too involved. Learning, How To Get Away With Murder.
My one rule for a TV show is watch the first 3 episodes, if I'm not liking it or don't feel gripped, then I will find something else to watch.

2. YouTube

Many of us watch YouTube on a daily basis so this is not something new but finding other people to watch can leave you procrastinated for hours, trust me.

Some YouTube creators that you may not be subscribed to but totally should:

  • Hannah Maggs- Hannah is most well known for her beauty/lifestyle blog however, she daily/weekly vlogs on her YouTube channel with her husband Stef, and son Grayson. The vlogs are well put together and are 100% honest. Stef always adds a cinematography look to the vlogs which I really enjoy. This feature is something new and unique they do, compared to everyone else.
  • Fun For Louis-  Louis Cole is what many of us want to be, a travel expert. He has traveled to so many weird and wonderful places where he explores the culture, the city and the people and documents it daily. His vlogs are always interesting and mind blowing to me by where this guy has gone and traveled to. I really want to travel but currently cannot so Louis is the internet me traveling on my behalf.
  • Ben Brown- I first watched Ben when he did the Rickshaw Run with other creators, Jack Harries, Louis Cole, Max Cantellow, Harry Crowley, Will Darbyshire and Finn Harries.  The Rickshaw Series is an amazing series, which you should go and watch even if you're not bored. Ben is a good content creator always thriving to get better and trying to grow not only his channel but his skills and techniques. Ben is not only great at video creator but he is handy with a camera too, which he showcases on his Instagram.
  • Steve Booker- If any of you know me personally, then you know my inspiration for starting this blog came from reading Steve's. I loved the time, passion and skills he was showcasing through his blog and it really got me thinking of my own style and passions. He now has a YouTube channel so go and give his some love. He is a great guy who has secretly helped me find my passions, a big thanks to him. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Insurgent Review!

Insurgent surged in at the start with no introduction but as per the book is better than the film.

Theo James gets my awards for best actor.

One scene when talking to his mother made me jump. That particular scene sold him as a actor for me and that's why I'm giving him this invisible award. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

20 Facts You Didn't Think You Needed To Know, Until You Knew Them!

If you're like me then knowing facts about random things is entertaining. 

Here are 20 random facts that you didn't know but may be useful to know.

  1. Coffee improves blood flow around the body 
  2. Half of all humans who have ever lived, died from malaria

  3. Only female Mosquitoes bite
  4. The King of Hearts is the only King without a moustache
  5. Pirates wear eye patches so that they can see in the dark

Saturday, 7 March 2015

My Everyday Hair Routine for Quiff!

In my everyday hair routine, I predominantly use 3 products.

The first is Babtiste dry shampoo. The dry shampoo is great for adding texture to your hair and giving other hair products something to grip onto. Also if you are like me and wash your hair every other day then this is a great filler if your hair is starting to turn a little oily.