Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Inspiration For Blogging!

I've been blogging for nearly a year now and in that time I've gone through periods of motivation and inspiration and times of boredom and laziness. During that time I've looked for inspiration in order to get me back loving blogging.


Pintrest for me is a great place to get inspiration. If you ever think of an idea that may need some more depth then having a browse through Pintrest can help, especially for topics like fashion and photography.


When you start blogging it can be easy to get fixed on the statistics. The main thing is, to write what you're passionate about and things you enjoy because if you enjoy them, then your audience will see that within your writing. Views on a post can get addictive, striving for more views is not a bad thing but changing what you write based on the views can sometimes be a bad decision. Just because that post didn't get that much traffic doesn't mean the next similar post won't either, it's about letting your audience find you.


This may seem a little big headed but I inspire myself to blog. Anything that affects me will probably effect someone else so sharing my experiences and thoughts, will hopefully help someone that was in the same position. 


Sometimes simply talking to people can inspire me. For example, if someone pays me a complement about something I'm wearing or asked me a question about where a item of clothing from, chances are someone else may be thinking that. So if I write a post about it then it will address that to people that may not be able to ask in person.

It doesn't have to be to me though, if I see someone wearing something that I think is nice, I could go out, buy similar products and recreate the look. There is inspiration everywhere, its about finding and capturing it into a blog post.


You are in a community of people doing similar things. Gathering inspiration from there posts is not a bad thing. Sharing and bouncing ideas from similar minded people can create great content. Ofcourse don't just copy, putting your own unique spin on it will make it yours.

So that has been some things that inspire me to blog when I'm having a lazy day.

Hope you're now having a good day!


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-All opinions expressed are my own
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