Saturday, 21 February 2015

Iphone 6 Plus Review!

I have had the Iphone 6 Plus for just over a week now and overall I am really happy with the mobile device.

My obvious first impression was it is a lot larger than the previous models.

As you can see from the picture above, the Iphone 6 Plus is next to the Iphone 5S and Iphone 4. 

For many the size is a problem but for me it was absolutely fine. I previously had the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so with the same screen sizes there was not much to get used to. One thing I did notice when first holding it was that it is quite a lot thinner than the Note 2 and a little lighter. After a few days I got used to the change and it feels like a perfect weight now. 

One of my friends commented that my phone didn't have a case. My friend has the Iphone 6 and decided against the 6 plus because of the slippery back. Personally I don't feel the back is slippy. If anything the Note 2 is slipperier.

Instead of me rambling here is a few pros and cons of this device:

  • Large Screen- The screen size is beautiful to watch videos and browse the web. If you're a Netflix or YouTube addict, the screen is great. You can watch videos in 1080p which is an upgrade for me as the Note 2 only provided 720p.
  • Battery Life- The battery life on this phone is really good. For the first few days with heavy use I could get through a day with still some battery left. However, as I got used to the phone and had everything I needed on there the usage came down and if fully charged I can easily have 50% left which is great.
  • Big Screen capability- There are not that many apps that take advantage of the huge screen size and Apple really needs to implement some features within their next update to make use of the extra screen space. Some apps such as Message, uses the screen size better but I would still like to see certain apps to take advantage. 
  • YouTube- PLEASE!- Coming from an android device to an IOS device I was expecting some changes in layout but the YouTube app, well. The IOS app is very layered, with boxes and small images for thumbnails. I would like to see the layout go more like the Android app which feels just like an Instagram feed with the thumbnails. Also going back to the point above, YouTube could do more to implement the bigger screen with the subscription feed.
Finally, many of you will of heard about the bend that had happened with the Iphone 6 Plus near the volume keys. I am happy to say that my device hasn't bent but if you don't leave it in your pocket while sitting down or leave it in your back pocket and sit down then you really shouldn't have any problems. 

I am always on the hunt for great IOS apps so let me know in the comments which apps you have been loving and ill give them a go.

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