Saturday, 7 March 2015

My Everyday Hair Routine for Quiff!

In my everyday hair routine, I predominantly use 3 products.

The first is Babtiste dry shampoo. The dry shampoo is great for adding texture to your hair and giving other hair products something to grip onto. Also if you are like me and wash your hair every other day then this is a great filler if your hair is starting to turn a little oily.

The 2nd product is actually a product that I found from a fellow blogger, his name is Robin and he does hair styling videos and blog posts, His link will be below. The product is called Fudge Matte Head. This product is a great long lasting matte product that leaves no flakes or residue after use and is easily washed out. It's definitely took me away of constant blow drying my hair and trusting in a product to do most of the work. 

The final product is a hairspray by Wella called Silvikrin Classic. This hairspray is again a great long lasting high hold spray which has a slight gloss but is easily brushed out and just like the Fudge product is easily washed out. I've been using this hairspray for sometime and if you looked at my other blogpost about hair you would know that I used to use the Got2Be Blasting Spray, which was pretty good but since using this I have not looked back and I have been using Silvikrin since early last year now. 100% recommend for great hold.

These are my 3 products I used on a daily basis, if you don't have you should go and get. If you do , let me know in the comments below what you thought of the products or if you have anymore to recommend that you found which are better than the mentioned products above.




Robin- YouTube, Blog

Babtiste- dry shampoo

Wella- Silvikrin Classic  (ON OFFER)

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