Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bored With The Run Up To Christmas?

If you are like me you have recently broke up from school, college or university and are basically now waiting for Christmas, but the days waiting feel like forever or you end up being the dreaded B word, Bored. Here is a few things I do in my spear time or when I am bored that you could do to help pass some time.

Play Apps:

Both the Google Play store and the Apple App store both do well at making lots of fun and slightly addictive games accessible, so why not use them. 

My top 3 FREE addictive apps to play!

1. Stick Hero- This annoying game is simple, get to the next platform by simply making him a bridge to cross. This addictive game has had me annoyed for hours but I always go back for more. .

2. Dumb Ways to Die 2- This game is so stupid that I love it.The basis of the game comes from saving these cute characters from their deaths from things that many people would consider (hence the name) a dumb way to die. The only downfall to this game is that it can become repetitive which does take the spark out of the game a little for me as just by what you see before any instructions are given you know what to do but I guess this happens in every game the more you play it.

3. Make It Santa- This game is both annoying and silly but simply brilliant. Basically you have to deliver presents by throwing them down the chimney however, you have to watch out for the naughty children waiting up. The aim of the game is to go as fat as you can with delivering presents. The most annoying thing about this game is that it takes some time to get used to the camera angle of the actual game. In my opinion it is too zoomed in to have any reaction time to throw the presents but once mastered it is great fun. My current high score is 13 so see if you can beat that, If you do make sure to let me in the comments below.


If you are like me you feel you have no time to read but when you start a good book you are simply hooked. After the release of MockingJay Part 1( which I wrote a little review on here), I haven't actually read any other books but, I have made plans with a close friend to read Insurgent with her which I'm excited about especially when the film is coming out around March 2015 I believe. I also want to read another book by John Green called Papertowns. This book just like The Fault In Our Stars is becoming a film and if it is anything like TFIOS it will be equally as amazing.  The filming for the film has recently just finished which I found from his Instagram, click the link below.


There are always new films to coming out and of course no one ever needs an excuse to go to the cinema or buy a DVD or even watch Netflix for 12 hours a day but if you are running out of things to watch like I am as every series I seem to watch goes on mid season breaks. Here are a few I love and would recommend you to watch.
  1. Arrow- TV
  2. Flash- TV
  3. The Vampire Diaries- TV
  4. The Originals- TV
  5. Newsroom-TV
  6. The 100-TV
  7. Home Alone-Film
  8. X-men Days of Future Past-Film
  9. American Horror Story- TV
  10. Orange Is The New Black- TV
  11. Constantine- TV
  12. The Legend of Korra- TV
  13. Agents of Shield- TV
  14. Game of Thrones- TV
  15. The 100- TV
  16. Continuum- TV
  17. Being Human- TV
  18. The Tomorrow People- TV
  19. The Host- Film
  20. Push- Film
  21. Divergent- Film
  22. 22 Jump Street- Film
This is a range of TV series and Films that I currently love, I would write a description of all of them but this blog post would be way too long 

I have left the links to all the relevant subjects down below. You're weclome,

I hope this helps pass some time.Have a great Christmas and a great new year.



Stick Hero- Android , Apple
Dumb Ways to Die 2- Android, Apple
Make It Santa- AndroidApple

John Green- Papertowns
John Green- Instagram

Netflix- Link

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