Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Everyday Hair Products!

For me hair is expression just like clothes. So when someone puts effort into their hair like their clothes it looks good, right?

Here are my top 3 go to products for my everyday quiff look.

The aim of my hair is to get as much volume as I can in my hair to lift it to a gravity defying height. Of course your hair needs to be a medium length to achieve what I would call a quiff look.

Step 1:

With towel dried hair I start with a mousse.

My current favourite for months now is the L'Oreal Studio Line, Boost & Gloss. I have mentioned this before in a favourites of the month but this is a great mousse that makes your hair so much more manageable to get that essential volume to get your hair up.

I use a hair dryer on a fast speed but medium heat in order to get the lift without drying out my hair. If you are interested in buying it I will leave a link at the bottom of the post.

Step 2:

Once my hair is dry and voluminous it is time to add product. My current favourite is the D:FI Extreme Hold Styling Cream.

This product is great at keeping my hair up. It defiantly does what it says, "Make your hair do exactly what you want it to do. And like it."

A word of warning though, if you have quite think hair I would recommend that you only use either the mousse or the styling cream as your hair could become too think to handle and style. 

Personally I have medium to thick hair. Provided that I use only a little bit I can pull off both of them.

Step 3:

The final step is to keep your style held for the whole day. My go to hair spray currently is the Wella Silvikrin Classic.

This hairspray is my secret weapon. Without a doubt this can hold my hair all day in strong winds and not move. If you prefer a quiff that you can restructure throughout the day then you can still use this but just not as much.

The hairspray brushes out really easy with no residue left after so if you go out on the night you can easily brush the days hairspray out, and restyle and then spray some more in.

These are my everyday hair products. Let me know what you guys use in the comments below.



Links to purchase:

L'Oreal Mousse- Link

D:FI Styling Cream- Link

Wella Hairspray- Link

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