Saturday, 11 July 2015

Top 10 things to do in the summer holidays when bored!

The summer holidays are nearly upon us. Most people take this time to relax after all the stresses of exams and general stress of work and daily life. Sometimes you can relax too much and boredom starts to creep in. Here's a few tips, why not give them a try:
1. Listen to Music. There is music for every mood, with platforms like Spotify which have mood related playlists. 

2. Watch TV . This is probably an obvious one but watching TV is better than sleeping for 16 hours a day right? There are hundreds of channels to choose from why not try something new like 'How It's Made', which shows you how everyday objects are made.

3. Read a Newspaper. It's always good to know what is happening around you, in your country and worldwide. It will pass some time and there may even be the odd crossword you could do if you buy certain newspapers.

4. Excersice. You may do this already but going for a little walk or jog gets you out of the house into the fresh air and gets you moving. It is so easy to stay in bed watching TV all day but if the weather is nice you have no excuse. If you have a pet like a dog, take it out for a walk or to the local park. 

5. Write a short story. This may sound a little lame to be writing again after you've just finished your exams but after 6 weeks of not writing you will go back to school, college or university and your writing will look horrendous. Simply writing a little story will get your imagination flowing and you back into writing. What I used to do when I was younger was get a relative to pick 3 random objects, for example, a broom, cushion and spaceship and try and write a story connecting them together in some way. Sometimes you get some weird stories so give it a try. 

6. Read a book. With all the extra time you have on your hands why not read a book. I'm currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which is so far, a good read. 

7. Call or speak to a friend you haven't seen or spoke to in a while. This is a good way of reconnecting with old friends, which are most likely in the same position as you. 

8. Write or create your own song. If you have an apple device you can download GarageBand where you can create beats and even sing over the top creating your own song. I had great fun doing this you should give it a go. You never know it may become a new hobbie or even passion of yours. 

9. Use the Internet. I'm sure you all do but the Internet is full of things to do:

  •  YouTube has hours and hours of content so you are bound to find something you like.
  • Netflix. Films and TV shows are always a good way to pass time and even get addicted to some of them. If you read my last post you know I'm currently addicted to Pretty Little Liars. I'm nearly finished season 2,  definitely a great TV show if you want to watch something new. 
  • Games, there are plenty of games websites to play little mini games or even on the app store. I have recently got into invasion, clash of clans and VainGlory. Check them out if you haven't heard of them or played them before. They're good games to play. 

10. Create a scrapbook. You're have  some time to yourself, why not create a scrapbook of your summer holiday. 

So this has been my 10 ways to not be bored in the summer. Let me know in the comments any of your plans or maybe any challenges you're going to set yourself and I'll see you on Wednesday with a brand new post. 



-this is not a sponsored post 
-all the opinions expressed are my own
-all the pictures used are my own unless sourced otherwise. 

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