Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Photography Inspiration

I have been inspired lately to take more photos, after downloading the free trial of Lightroom. Honestly, the quality of my photos has increased so much. I am no longer as worried now to take photos perfectly, as I know if I have any exposure problems I can adjust them in Lightroom.

I have been watching tutorials on YouTube, as I knew the basics but not an in depth knowledge. While watching videos I came across a photographer called Jessica Kobeissi. If I am honest her channel is not perfectly shot and edited but the content she creates really educational and has taught me different techniques and skills to use.

One of my favourite videos is the 50mm Natural Light and Golden Hour Photoshoot . She really captured some great photos even when her original location was shut.  To check out more of he work, visit her Instagram.

My other inspirations have come from Pintrest. This site is perfect for inspiration with categories and all types of photography. It's great for getting new poses and new lighting techniques. I also found articles with tips and tricks from other photographers.

There is always something to take a photo of, everything is constantly changing from weather to wildlife. Why not try going into your garden or local park and think about what you could take a photo of or different compositions you could try.

This statue in my garden  sits perfectly among the bright flowers adding composition with its dark grey tones.

If you have any pets they are great to photograph, sometimes they can be a little more challenging as they don't sit still, here is one I took of my dog Bentley.

Cute right! Fancy a challenge? Why not take a picture every day for the next week and post it in the comments. Its a challenge but it helps you think more about photographs,

Good luck, have fun



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