Saturday, 22 August 2015

Blogging 1 Year Anniversary!

I still can't believe this but I have now been blogging for over a year! I remember being nervous to put content online just incase people didn't like it but after a few posts, I soon got over that.

It still amazes me that people from all around the world are taking time to read my posts from countries I have never been to before. So I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sat, read and commented on my posts for the last year.

I remember writing my first post about Nuttcombe Bottom, and being happy with the photos and the memories I gathered that day. Still to this day it remains my most viewed post so you guys must like travel posts.

As I've been blogging for a year I thought I would give you a few tips if you're planning on starting your blog or have recently started.

Blogging tips:

  • Scheduling- Many people don't use this and it can honestly be a life saver for busy people. For me I schedule posts for Saturday at 12pm BST. This way your readers will know exactly what day and time you post and come back. 
  • Promoting- Promote away, these days so much is on social media you need to get your posts out there. I predominately promote posts on Twitter using Tweet Deck. Twitter is great at reaching a wide audience using hashtags. I usually schedule 2 tweets per post. One tweet for when the post goes live and the other a couple of hours after. One good tip for Twitter is to include a picture in one of the tweets, this way your tweet will appear bigger in your followers timeline and will hopefully grab their attention better.
  • Community Promotion- I never knew this was a thing until I saw everyone doing it. Get involved in the blogging community with blogs that inspire you or interest you. If you add your blog URL to end of the comment, people will come to your blog through that. I now have loyal readers from others bloggers just because I got involved in the community.
  • Photos-  Many of the blogs you read will have amazing photos but if you're starting out you can use your smartphone. There are many apps that you can edit your photos like VSCO Cam, Taking photos is my favourite part of blogging and I feel one of the most important. In the past I've followed people's blogs in different languages just because they had great fashion photography, I didn't have a clue what they were talking about but they had great photos.
  • Bloglovin- Bloglovin' is a community for bloggers where people can follow there favourite blogs. Posts  then form a feed just like Instagram would. So definitely sign up to Bloglovin', you will be surprised how many people actually use it. You can also get a Bloglovin' badge to add to your blog which is really easy to install when you sign up to the site.
  • Be Interactive- People will comment and share posts they enjoy so be sure to reply back to the nice comments to show your appreciation for there interaction and hopefully get them to come back as a loyal reader.
  • Be Proud of Your Blog-  I remember when I started a few friends mentioned that they read my blog and I became really embarrassed and shy but don't do that. Be proud of your blog and the little bit of you on the internet. 

Thank you again for all the commenting and sharing you all have done this year I honestly do appreciate it. 

Let me know in the comments what your blogging URL is and I'll have a look at your posts and comment.



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-All opinions expressed are my own 
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