Saturday, 1 August 2015

July Monthly Favourites!

July has been quite a peaceful month for me. I've finished college and now looking forward to university. Here are my favourites from the month of July.

YouTube Favourites:

I have 3 channels that have been loving a little more this month,

Shameless Maya:

Maya is so real and honest I love her channel. Her tech talks helped me a while back when I started taking photos and creating my blog. Her tutorials are great too, definitely check her out.

Jessica Kobeissi:

If you have read my photography inspiration, you know that I have recently found Jessica's channel. As I said in that post her tutorials are educational and honest. Lets face it, her photos are great too.

Joe Allam:

I have only found Joe's channel in the last week or so of writing this and he is such a nice guy. His videos on the marathons are really enlightening to me as it showed what I could possibly do for similar events.


This month I have played 5 songs over and over again:

  1. American Authors- Go Big or Go Home
  2. Wicked- Defying Gravity
  3. Fifth Harmony- Work It
  4. Little Mix- Black Magic
  5. Years & Years- Shine
These songs are constantly stuck in my head, which means I will end up hating them as I've listening to them so much.

TV Shows:

You guys know what TV show will be here. Ofcourse the main TV show that I have been obsessed with this month is Pretty Little Liars. I won't go into why as all the previous posts on the show covers it all. 

The other show I've enjoyed this month is called Humans starring Colin Morgan. Humans is a show based on robot or artificial intelligence helping humans however, some robots have emotions which make them unpredictable and uncontrollable so they are hunted down and changed. If you're in the UK, the show airs on Channel 4 so check out All 4 to catch up.


There has only been 2 real new products that I have been loving this month and they are:

Lynx Black:

This is the newest Lynx deodorant body spray to be released.  In my opinion it's the best smelling deodorant out of the current products. I will be doing a full review of this product soon so I am not going to say much now other than, give it a smell yourself I think you would agree with me, it smells amazing.

Cuticura Skin + Balance Body Cream:

If you have rough or flaky skin then you should give this moisturiser a try. 

This cream:
  • Locks in moisture
  • Boosts suppleness
  • Vitamin E
  • Easily absorbed
  • Non Greasy
This is great for people with eczema or other skin conditions as it is not greasy but still keeps your skin hydrated. There is nothing worse that feeling all greasy and horrible.

These have been my favourites for the month of July. Let me know in the comments your favourite of last month. 



-This is not a sponsored post
-All the opinions expressed are my own
-The pictures used are my own unless sourced otherwise

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