Saturday, 11 April 2015

Black Country Living Museum

The Black Country Living Museum is a fun family day out which people of any age can enjoy. With the buckets of history and the delicious food, who could say no right..?

The Black Country Living Museum showcases the history of the Black Country showing what it was really like to live in the past, mining for coal, how women used to wash clothes and so much more.

My day started off exploring the real dangers there was for miners back in the day. Showing how small the paths were and the different jobs there was which all lead to giving people coal. For obvious reasons I couldnt take any photos but if you go yourself you will experience a tale more than a picture can tell. 
After the mine we went for some lunch. They have an old school fish and chip shop where they cook chips like they used to. The best way to describe them is if you have ever had roast potatoes cooked in duck fat. Well just like that. I would of took a drooling photo but I was so hungry I didn't think, opps.
We then went on a ride on an old double decker bus.

This bus was so old inside but so new at the same time.  It took us all around the museum where we could get off at certain stops. This was so much better than walking and ment that I could get from one side of the museum to the other in matter of minutes. 
If you're a parent that you will be happy (or not) to know that  there is a fun fair there. I'm a little old to go on these now but I did take a cheeky snap or two:

After going past the fun fair we went to the, what we would call the high street now. This place was filled with shops either side of the road each offering something to buy or look at. The first shop was a confectionery shop. I didn't buy anything but my sisters brought some sweets for themselves and my did brought some mints. 
Next door was a cake/bakery shop. Selling biscuits cakes and pastries. We all had a slice of cake or a pastry each. I chose a slice of Victoria sponge which was just divine, I recommend it to you if you go. 
A few other shops included:

One of the shops was a butchers. Right in the window was this (apologies in advance if you're a vegetarian):

A pigs head a trotters. People back in the day used to eat this. Doesn't it make you want to become a vegetarian if you are not already. 

The Black Country Museum has so much to offer in terms of histroy and culture, you could also see, schools in those days, houses, entertainment for children (no apple products, trust me). You can also go on a canal tour. 
 The official Black Country Museum site says:
'The story of the Black Country is distinctive because of the scale, drama, intensity and multiplicity of the industrial might that was unleashed. It first emerged in the 1830s, creating the first industrial landscape anywhere in the world. It is this that we rejoice in and want to share with you.
Our award-winning corner of the West Midlands is now one of the finest and largest open-air museums in the United Kingdom. After very humble beginnings, a bright idea and 40 years of inspiration, this is twenty six acres worth exploring. Amazing as it may seem, we have created a ‘place’ – a real and lively place, where once there was nothing and nobody. With a village and charismatic residents to chat with. Trams to ride. Games to play. Things being made. Stories to hear. People - their triumphs to admire and troubles to be thankful that are not ours. Time to be well spent.
If you are old enough, you may just be looking for nostalgia and that is fine. But equally, we believe that history shouldn’t be seen as a safe haven in a fast changing and challenging world, but a catalyst for thinking and reflection about our own lives.'
Overall this place is amazing for histroy and showed me how lucky I was to be born today rather than back then. Children as young as 12 would have jobs in the mines. 
Let me know in the comments if you have ever been and what you thought or if you would go. If you are not from the UK, this is a great way to see what the culture was like around the times of the wars and compare it to now. 
Directions can be found HERE.
*DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, these views are all my own and so are the photos unless sources otherwise. *


  1. I don't understand why people find it so weird to see a dead animals head on display. This is, after all, what is in most industrialized sausages. I guess I am one of the very few carnivores out there who are actually fine with thinking about what it means to eat meat. Oh well :D
    Have you ever played Roller Coaster Tycoon? The fun fair made me think of it. It looks like the game came to life (rather than the game being really good at using real life models in their game, hahaha).

    1. I'm fine with raw meat Coba, it's just the head that got me that's all really haha. I definitely agree with the game, I have played it before and was terrible at it but I understand the reference, thank you for your comment :)