Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron | Review

Like many people I have been waiting for this film for so long. I am happy to say it was well worth the wait.

Two scenes stood out for me:

The first scene was the opening sequence, straight away we are pushed into a battle against Hydra where the main characters are kind of introduced but it is done in a way where it doesn't feel like it. The scene has very smooth transitions from one avenger to the other and it really kicks the film off with a BANG!

The second scene is in the middle of the film where all the avengers are protecting the key to drop the city on everyone. This scene has got to be my favourite from any of the avengers or marvel films. Visually it was stunning with all the slow motion and action needed I remember watching and thinking "wow what a good job they have done with the film" The scene pans in a circle motion capturing all the avengers fighting ultrons machines. If you go and watch the film watch out for this scene, its phonemically done.

One of my favorite marvel superheros is Scarlet Witch so when I knew Wanda was going to be in the avengers I was super happy. After watching the film I kind of wanted Wanda to be more bad ass, don't get me wrong visually her fighting is pretty sweet and without her majority of the twists wouldn't be there but I felt like I wanted her to do more.

I have to applaud the makers in the synergy Captain America and Thor showed in battle together. it reminded me of when I used to play Marvel Alliance 2 with all the synergy moves you could do between characters in the game.

In the film a romance starts to blossom with Black Widow and Hulk, but sadly we don't get a happy ending but I am optimistic in the next film. Come on Marvel give us what we want. 

One of the bigger twists was Quicksilver death. He saves Hawkeye and a child from Ultron but while doing so puts himself in the line of fire.  This didn't really effect me as much as I think it should of as I didn't feel that connected to him than any of the other avengers. 

The film has a good balance of narrative and action giving us consistent information and also time for Starks loving charm and hilarious liners. 

Overall I think Marvel did really well with creating Age of Ultron and if you haven't seen it definitely go and watch it.



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