Saturday, 31 January 2015

Big Hero 6 Review- Marvel/Disney Masterpiece

From Walt Disney Studios, comes Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 is set in a futuristic city called San Fransokyo. It centres around Hiro Hamada, who, with his friends and his brother Tadashi's robot designed for healthcare, Baymax, set off to save the city of San Fransokyo from a notorious villain.

Big Hero 6 is a Marvel Disney combo. It is the first Disney film of Marvel property. Visually Big Hero 6 is amazing and definitely gives live action scenes a run for its money.

While watching I couldn't help but relate this to a male targeted Frozen.

Both Frozen and Big Hero 6 have:
  • Great main characters (Elsa & Hiro)
  • Loveable comedy characters (Olaf & Baymax)
  • Both contain death and grieving ( Elsa's Parents & Hiro's Brother and Parents)
  • Superpowers (Elsa Ice & Baymax and friends tech power)

If you have a children that are too young for The Avengers then you need to absolutely take them to see this.

Overall, Big Hero 6 was an enjoyable movie that I feel everyone should see. Would I watch it again? Probably if someone else wanted to but I wouldn't freely decide to watch it again if I went back to the cinema. The film as a whole is a great step in the right direction in superhero action animation.

If you have watched Big Hero 6 then make sure to let me know what you think below. Give me your opinions.





  1. Big Hero 6 is amazing, I've seen it 4 times in 2 days!

    1. I agree it is really good! Thanks for your comment :)