Saturday, 10 January 2015

TBR Challenge 2015

New Year, New start... right?

Making new years resolutions can be hard and sticking by them for a whole year can be even harder. So this year other than the obvious ones like losing weight and becoming more healthier I have decided to read more. I decided to do this a few years ago also but it got to around April and I noticed I was no longer reading. So this year I thought instead of just deciding to read more I would make it more of a challenge,The TBR Challenge.

I originally saw the challenge on jessethereader on YouTube. For those who don't know what the TBR challenge is where readers pick up a long neglected book from your (To Be Read) TBR pile and read it and then comment on it somewhere being your blog, social media or just to a friends or family member.

When researching this challenge I found out that people are given a list of books to read for each month however, I want to read my own TBR books so instead I am creating my own list.

How it is going to work?

Each month I am going to select a book and read that book in that month. At the end of the month I will create a blog post on that book telling you what I think of it. That way I can read more and so can you guys.

The book for January is Paper Towns by John Green. I keep banging on about this book and I have started getting into it. Compared to TFIOS it is a little different but I will save that for this months review. 

I have a few books that I want to read from my book collection but not a whole years worth so if you have read a book recently that you just have to tell someone about let me know in the comments below and ill be sure to pick it up for one of the months this year.



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Paper Towns by John Green
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