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Insurgent Book Review - Twisted Moan of Madness

Insurgent is the second book in the Divergent series. Divergent ended with Tris and Four leaving on a train after all the sacrifice and defeating Erudite (kinda).

Insurgent to me seemed a little all over the place in terms of story with Tris visiting all the factions throughout the book as if she was having a tour of her world. This feel did sometimes confuse me at points of who she was talking to  but sometimes the style of the story did fit well with what was going on with many people unsure of what was actually happening in their world.

Insurgent welcomes some appealing new characters to the Divergent series throughout this book however, sometimes there was too many characters to handle leaving me simply with a name and nothing to fit with it.

The book as a whole can be a little sad at times with the killing and action but one scene lifts the mood of the book a lot and that was the paintball scene. For those who haven't read the book, Tris, Four and the others go back to Dauntless headquarters and find that there is lots of camera around the place. They then make a plan to cover all the camera with paint to stop Erudite watching them. This turns into more of a paintball fight than a camera cover mission but its a great way to connect with the characters that we haven't seen before and gives us greater understanding of the ones we do know from Divergent. This is a great scene, I really hope this scene is in the film as visually I think it would be good to see.

I do think Tris is still great as the main character but she does throughout this book grow a tendency to try and save everyone which is great for the book and gives us lots of juicy action but she does moan about every single injury or pain she has at that time. In the end the moaning did get slightly annoying and maybe it did grow Tris as a character but I did feel myself getting annoyed as if she was a 5 year old girl. That aside the story did well at keeping me hooked and I think Veronica did a great job at implementing twists and surprises for the reader. Me personally the one that majorly stands out for me is (SPOLIER) the Caleb twist.

The Caleb twist was unexpected and brilliant. Caleb for me was a strange character. In many books I find that there is a character that you want to trust but you know you shouldn't. In Divergent it was Four (which proved me wrong) and in Insurgent it was Caleb (which proved me right). At the start of the book I thought that the curousity the Caleb showed proved that he was Eruidte through and through. Then when he was with Tris, Four and Susan I really thought that he could be trusted and he was simply curious, but how wrong could I have been the little snake.

I really hope that the film does this twist justice as once I read it I had to stop and tell my friend about it who was also reading the book at the same time.

Overall this book was a great read in the Divergent series, which if done right will be an amazing film. Veronica did a great job at opening the Divergent world a little more which has made me excited to read Allegiant.

Let me know in the comments if you have read Divergent or Insurgent and what you think.



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