Saturday, 2 May 2015

How I Style Bold Patterned Shirts!

In the UK the weather is getting warmer as we approach the summer time. With this I have seen a flood of bold pattered, busy shirts. Today I will show you how I style my busy floral printed shirt with 2 looks.


When going for a patterned shirt it is important to not over pattern yourself. If you do you seem too mix and match. Personally I simply keep everything else plain and basic which enables your shirt to be the focal point. 

I have paired this dark blue floral shirt with some black jeans. Black jeans are a must have in every mans wardrobe as so many pieces of clothing goes well with black jeans. If you don't currently own any look into getting some. If you are on a budget Primark do skinny black jeans for around £10, come on you cannot go wrong. 

As you can see the black jeans make the outfit look a lot more smart and continue to put emphasis towards the shirt as there is nothing to see on the jeans. The solid block of colour does well to break up the pattern and gives everyone an easier time looking at you. 

I completed this outfit off with my much loved Dr Martens. These shoes I have wore the hell out of and still look beautiful. The shoes are great for a smart casual feel. I love smart casual normally pushing towards the smarter side just because that's what I like but of course it is your choice. 


When we eventually get the sun in the UK, I along with many people I will be wearing shorts. This look is what you could wear to say a family picnic or a family meal. I personally like it buttoned to the top but if you want a more casual feel, I like to wear a simple white tee underneath and leave the shirt open. 

The shirt is a light blue floral shirt, again I have used a block colour to break the pattern. 
My Dogs Wanted To Join In 

For shoes I have gone with these recently purchased shoes from Peacocks. They are slip on shoes which is great for the summer. They have an anchor print on the side which is actually what attracted me to them in the first place. 

As you can see I do have a sock line which I do plan on getting rid of this summer lol. 

Do let me know in the comments which is your favourite look and if you would like me to do more posts like this, as this is my first style kind of post. 

Thank you, have a good day.


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