Saturday, 23 May 2015

LUSH: Skincare Routine

Recently I went to Lush where I purchased a few items to create a new skincare routine, which I will be sharing today.

The first product I brought was the Coalface cleanser.

This stuff has actual coal in to help clear away oils and dead skin, it also smells amazing. Before you buy any products go to a skincare counter in places like Boots where they can test to see what skin type you are. I was oily so this product does wonders for keeping my levels balanced.

The next step is using a toner- Tea Tree Water.

 Previously I never used a toner as I thought it was an unnecessary step however after using the Tea Tree Water toner I can really see why.

 After using the toner water my skin feels fresher and calmer. I simply place a couple of pumps onto a cotton pad and gently rub my whole face. The Tea Tree Water has calmed my skin so much so definitely give it a try.

After toning I moisturize, when in Lush I picked up a tester for Vanishing Cream which was a moisturizer they recommended as it was a little on the expensive side.

The cream is light but still gives your face moister. I'm torn between that and my usual Nivea cream which I have used for a while now and is great for me.

Currently I've been using the Vanishing cream on a morning as it is lighter then I use the Nivea on the evening but if you do have a look at this just ask for a tester it is FREE!

Once the moisturizer has soaked in I use a spot treatment- Grease Lightning .

For these pests I was recommended Grease Lightning. This is a gel based product so it wont dry out your face.

I apply it twice a day but you can apply more if you feel the need. I feel this product reduces the redness of my spots and even prevents some that I feel are coming. One amazing thing is that one pump is a lot meaning that the product goes a long way and lasts a while.

For lips, I've spoke about this product before, its the Nivea Lip Butter. Smells great, soaks great, just overall a great lip product.

A big thank you to the ladies in Lush who helped me out, if you have any queries or need help they are happy to and have great knowledge of skin and Lush products.

This was my current skin routine, let me know in the comments any product you think I should try next.

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*Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post, all thoughts are all my own*

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