Saturday, 16 May 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 Review!

Pitch Perfect definitely wasn't singing the same notes as the first in the series but still the harmonies were on point.

I was expecting good things from PP2 as I was and still are a huge fan of the first one. As you would expect there is still a lot of singing in this film just like the first however, I do feel this film concentrates more on the narrative and not the singing. Of course the first of many sequels are the best for the shock factor such as the Taken Franchise.

One thing that didn't disappoint was Rebel Wilson.

She was humorous in all the right moments which is credit to the film and I do think she stood out as the main start of the film for me.  Anna Kendrick's character for me lost something that she had in the first film maybe it was the spontaneity of her singing or her place in the grouo but I just felt that her role had changed so much in the film to the new leader of the group with her own ideas and dreams that the bellas were second best. Which granted she is growing up and looking to get into the music industry as a producer which I liked.

Chloe played by Brittany Snow for me was such a winy character that I kind of grew not to like. She was so over the top and cosntantly in shock and nervous for everything, I felt like shouting pull it together women and just sing, (ofcourse I didn't)

The songs as a whole was pretty well composed which I enjoyed and others in the cinema were also singing to them. But for me the feel of the film was the same, they still brought on new people to join the bellas, they still went against teams that did the same, they still had a sort or riff off and they still won (spolier).

Nothing seemed to change much apart from the people in the other bands. Props to Flula which is a YouTuber along with the Pentatonix were actually amazing,

The Pentatonix was only in the final singing and I have to say, Scott killed it, I heard him more than anyone else so good job to him. Flula also was in pretty much the whole film as he was in the opposing band. He is actually really talented, I saw more talent in the film compared to in his videos which is credit to him.

Overall this film is still a good watch and I would watch again but I do think like many series, the first PP was the best one but do let me know in the comments your thoughts on the film.



*Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post and these views are all my own*

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