Saturday, 30 May 2015

Connor Franta: A Work In Progress, Book Review

A week off meant that I had more time to sit and chill. Well in actual fact I lay in the sun and got stuck into this book.


What struck me first was the honesty Connor was expressing about his life, his decisions and his family. I feel that he has done a really good job with this book and I feel I know more about him now as a person and not a YouTuber. 

The photography in the book is amazing, something a little different which broke up the pages well and got me thinking creatively how I could change my photography to get better images. Some of my favourite photos in the book include:



The book as a whole really inspired me to look at my own life and re-evaluate what I actually want from my life and what my dreams and goals really are.

I personally feel this book is so relatable to everyone who is a teenager or struggling to find who they are. 

If I'm honest I wasn't sure whether to buy the book at the start, many youtubers have brought out books and I really wasn't expecting much. But honestly this has to be one of the most thought provoking honest and powerful books I have read (alongside The Fault In Our Stars of course. 

If you're reading this now still unsure about buying, I would absolutely recommend you to, click the link here. 
Thanks for reading, Connor If for some bizarre and amazing reason you're reading is, thank you for sharing your life and experiences with the world. 


*Disclaimer- this is not a sponsored post and the views in this post are all my own. The photos used are of/from Connor Franta- A Work In Progress and no copyright infringement is intended*

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